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   Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


I'm so glad you stopped by. Take a deep breath, grab a cup of tea, kick off your shoes and get comfy. How can I help?


I'm guessing something feels a little off or in need of improvement in your life. If you're not sure what you're looking for, we can figure it out together. Some of the things clients tell me when we first meet include:


    - I think it might help to talk to someone. 


    - There's a lot going on and I'm feeling really stressed.

    - Life looks great on paper, all the success boxes are             checked and, technically, things are running

      smoothly; I should feel happy...but I don't. 


    - I have or suspect: grief, anxiety, depression. Are there         tools that can help?

    - Some childhood stuff has come up and I'm ready to             address it.

    - I'm want to tackle trauma/PTSD.

    - Our relationship needs some changes/communication         help:


    's hard to talk about sex, money, our careers,                              our families, children...those things.

              ...we want to make it work. 

              ...we're not sure if we want to make it work.

              ...we have decided to separate, how do we do it                   as kindly and lovingly as possible, for us...our                   children...our friends and family.

     - I suspect/just learned I'm an adult with ADHD.

     - Me/my partner thinks I might have Asperger's/ASD.


Whatever brought you here, I'm glad you made it and you're right... this is not as good as it gets. Things can feel better, you can feel better. Keep looking for resources that resonate, people who get you, and spaces that remind you to keep going because you are capable of making it through the hard things in life. If you think I can help, reach out; I'd love to join you and be one of the people in your corner.

With love,




Areas of Expertise

Individual & Couples Counseling
Trauma, Anxiety, Depression
Adult Asperger's/ASD & ADHD
Clinical areas that fuel my curiosity, learning and practice include: 

Individual & Couple's Counseling


Anxiety & Depression

Adult Asperger's/ASD

       -Neuro-diverse Individuals & Couples 

       -Neuro-diverse & Neuro-typical pairings

Adult ADHD


Contact  Me

Cell: 336.337.7886

Fax: 336.230.1503

1220 SW Morrison St., Suite 535, Box 1, Portland, OR 97205

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