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Individual Therapy

If you're ready to dig in, explore new aspects of yourself, address challenges and grow then individual therapy might be just what you are looking for. In our sessions, we'll figure out what you want and need, identify your goals, outline a path to get there and get started. Therapy isn't something done to you, it's a process of learning and growing that we will create and work through together. I'll hold up a mirror for you, be your supporter, your challenger and your constant cheerleader as your journey through the ups and downs.

Couples & Family Therapy

Couples and family therapy is about showing up with the one, or several of those you love, to hammer out what you want, what you need and what works best for all of you. We'll look at process over content, using current examples from your life to understand the patterns you have established that are working, as well as the ones that need tweaking to be more effective in this season of your life and relationship(s). Strengthening communication and conflict resolution tools is key, so is creating space for everyone's changing needs. 

EMDR Therapy

Every time I discuss EMDR, I get ridiculously excited because it's been a game changer for me, clients, friends and family. EMDR is a therapeutic modality that uses bilateral stimulation to help our brains heal from psychological and emotional stress and pain, much as our bodies recover from physical injury.


If we cut our finger our bodies work fairly efficiently to close the wound; however, if dirt or bacteria is introduced to the cut we may experience additional irritation, pain and delayed healing. Careful cleaning of the wound is important for our bodies to heal our finger in the quickest, healthiest way possible. 


A similar sequence occurs in our brains with psychological healing. Our brain's information processing system naturally moves toward mental health after injury. Like the dirt and bacteria in a cut on our finger, disturbing events can create emotional wounds that cause irritation and pain, blocking our psychological healing. EMDR is the careful scrub that cleans out the dirt and bacteria, fast!     More to come...

Special Interests

Anxiety, Depression & Trauma
Adult Asperger's & ASD
Sleeper ADHD
My Approach
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